Maurizio Galimberti

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Italy is certainly not a place neglected by images; over the years many photographers and authors have travelled the country’s path, well-worn or otherwise, describing the corners and the squares , the stories and the works, of the Bel Paese. Many gazes and researches, whether anthropological, social, architectonic of historical, have tried to create an order and a reading.
Galimberti offers us a different work, in which the adventure arises from a clean and immediate confrontation; with a natural confidence he manages to animate the surrounding world – the result of approaching others unarmed. No prejudices reduce his absolute freedom to move through aspects and situations, tiny gestures and environments, crowded and lonely places, thus managing to bring such a formless, composite reality back to itself. (…)
A design, therefore, an intimate and spontaneous incursion to outline perspectives and correspondences, to capture the vital dimension of our country, through inspired impulses of research and contact, through cityscapes, valleys and countryside, through details that form the scene of reality. In the choice of a point of view, the impulse becomes vision.

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