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When the devastating wars against the machines came to an end, the exhausted humanity conceived the Tabula Smaragdina project in order to recover a central position in the cosmos and decipher the scheme of Everything. For this purpose, the golem race was created: immortal humanoids moulded in clay who examine and record the universe from time immemorial, shaping with their acquired knowledge the whole Table. Among the most eminent exponents of his race, the One-Eyed Thaddeus has left us an abundant corpus of texts documenting his peregrination across the limitless depths speckled with stars. The volume presents a selection of his records completed by a philological analysis and explanatory comments. Through the golem’s eyes and ears, we too can reach nebulas concealing space-time ducts, moons that engender and then devour extraordinary creatures, planets from which the longevity soma gushes and the remains of a failed panspermic insemination experiment. We will undertake a journey of initiation to the archaic mysteries of the universe, pursuing our fascination with the unknown and the desire to become One with Everything, fully aware that this moment of highest fulfilment will determine our end.

After leading us to the discovery of Apparitio Albinus’ phantasmagorical garden and the Specular Isle, Claudio Romo draws inspiration from the alchemic, philosophical and spiritual tradition – and the greatest science fiction novels and comics of our time – to take us on an intergalactic odyssey at the far end of the universe, tickling once again our appetite for understanding Nature and awakening our wonder for its miracles.

The books that inspired this work:
“A weary man’s utopia”, in The book of sand, Jorge Luis Borges, Penguin Books, 2001.
Dune, Frank Herbert, New English Library, 1986.
Solaris, Stanisław Lem, Faber & Faber, 1971.
The Incal, Alejandro Jodorowsky & Mœbius, SelfMadeHero, 2011.
The world of Edena, Mœbius, Dark Horse Comics, 2016.
The Eternaut, Héctor Oesterheld & Francisco Solano López, Fantagraphics, 2015.
Fantastic planet, René Laloux, 1973.

The author:
Claudio Andrés Salvador Francisco Romo Torres (Claudio Romo) is an illustrator and writer born in the port city of Talcahuano, Chile, in 1968. He studied Plastic Arts at the Universidad de Concepción and got a Master degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in Graphic Design at the Academia de San Carlos, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, UNAM México. He currently teaches graphic design and drawing at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile.
His books for: A Journey in the Phantasmagorical Garden of Apparitio Albinus (also available in Italian), Nueva Carne, The Book of Imprudent Flora (also available in Italian and Spanish) Tavola smeraldina (also available in Italian and Spanish) and Bestiario Mexicano.


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