Giulia Pintus, Graciela Beatriz Cabal

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What a special day! Bettina has just received as a gift from her mother a dollhouse with five rooms, many more than those of their real home! Mum finished just in time to build it, then she had to run to the hospital, with that huge belly of hers! And daddy, who was quite shaken, rushed to accompany her. What a mess, what a hubbub!

Bettina remains alone with her grandmother, feeling a strange tickle in her navel until suddenly... FUIIIIIII! She becomes small – like a hair roller, like a long biscuit or a short lollipop – and she is ready to live a wonderful adventure in her new dollhouse. Together with her grandmother, she fully decorates it, because a house with no paintings on the walls, flowered curtains on the windows and vases on the windowsill is not a real home!

Back from the hospital after two days, with a blue bundle in their arms, her mother and father find it hard to believe their eyes: what happened at home? Where did Bettina go? Has grandmother gone crazy?
The Biblioteca della Ciopi series is enriched by a third story signed by the author of Giacinto and Batata, once again accompanied by the hilarious images of Giulia Pintus. By giving further proof of her ability to observe the situations of family life through the lens of irony, Graciela Cabal lightly confronts the delicate moment of the birth of a little brother, revealing how even the most anxiety-inducing situations teach us to grow (in every sense!) and how grandmothers are not always those serious and judicious ladies they would have us believe they are!

The author:
Graciela Beatriz Cabal (1939–2004) was an Argentinian writer and journalist. She was an avid reader and studied with Jorge Luís Borges. She found Cinderellas and perfect houses boring, while she really enjoyed collecting prizes and travelling around Argentina with her suitcase filled with stories. She had children, grandchildren, a husband, a dog, a cat, parrots and a very, very strange home… She wrote more than sixty children books, plus some other books for grown-ups, all of them unpublished in Italy – until now.
Books published by #logosedizioni: Batata (2018), Giacinto (2018), Solletichino (2019) and Signor Singhiozzo (2019).

The illustrator:
Giulia Pintus is a freelance illustrator and sometimes also a bizarre writer. She lives in Piacenza, but she hopes one day she could live all around the world. She likes using the pencil like children, and loves matching sage green with pink. She works in a studio in dots and stripes called Foglie al Vento (Leaves in the Wind). Her puppy’s name is Senape.
With #logosedizioni she has published: Attilio (2017), Giacinto (2018), Batata (2018), Buonanotte Cipollina (2019), La signorina Peppina (2019), Solletichino (2019) and Signor Singhiozzo (2019).

Book Info
Illustrator Giulia Pintus
Author Graciela Beatriz Cabal
Publication date 2019
Cover softcover with flaps
Dimensions cm 15,0 x 19,0
Pages 48
Language/s Italian
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