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Sketching on location is powerful, but it can also become challenging and overwhelming. Where do you start a sketch? How do you shrink the vast, busy scene in front of you onto your paper? How does perspective work? And where is that darn vanishing point? This book helps you bridge the theoretical world of perspective concepts with the real world of on-site sketching.
All good sketches start with good bones. Perspective is simply a set of rules ”discovered” during the Italian Renaissance that allows us to translate what we see in our three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface, such as a piece of paper or canvas. These principles provide us with a simple structure we can use to create the foundational lines in our sketches.
Perspective doesn’t have to be frightening or something you avoid. Once you know some basics and a simple process, your sketches will be faster, easier, and more believable—and it will change the way you see the world, as you’ll see perspective everywhere!

About This Series:
As hobbies go, urban sketching is simple and accessible. All you need to do is grab some drawing tools and capture what’s happening in your city or neighborhood. 
Once you get out and about, pen or pencil in hand, you’ll discover the many different layers and aspects of urban sketching: How can I draw people when they move around so much? Do I have to sketch every brick? What should I do with my sketches when I’m done?
Whether you are a seasoned sketcher or just starting out, The Urban Sketching Handbook lays out key strategies and examples that will come in handy each time you open your sketchbook.

The author:
Twice honored with the KRob Architectural Delineation award for Best Travel Sketch and the 2013 Gabriel Prize architecture fellowship, Stephanie Bower is a Seattle-based architectural illustrator, teacher, watercolorist, and traveling Urban Sketcher.
To see more of Stephanie’s work, follow her on Flickr, Facebook and on her blog “Drawing Perspectives”, as well as on the Urban Sketchers blog, and visit www.stephaniebower.com.

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