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Piccolo Vampiro (Little Vampire) lives in an old house haunted by polite ghosts and monsters: the  graceful Madame Pandora, his mother, the Captain of the Dead, who used to be the leader of the Flying  Dutchman, a red dog called Pomodoro (Tomato), Margherita, a simpleton with a passion for poo, Oftalmo, the three-eyed monster, Claudio, a sort of man-crocodile riding a push scooter… A group of strange creatures that are more often funny than scary. It is true, from time to time these monsters surrender to the old habit of eating people, exchange funny and macabre jokes that are taken seriously at first… But Piccolo Vampiro and his monstrous friends are always ready to help each other and devise inconceivable strategies to reach common objectives. For example, to allow Piccolo Vampiro to go to school like the other children even though he can’t go out during the day, or help his best friend Michele to take revenge against a bully, or even save three dogs escaped from a laboratory where they are used as guinea pigs to test lipsticks and toothpastes. The only problem is that these generous characters are a bit clumsy and likely to activate chains of incredible (mis)adventures that make readers hold their breath and smile.  
The first #logosedizioni volume about Piccolo Vampiro and his peculiar friends is composed of three funny and engaging episodes – Piccolo Vampiro va a scuola, Piccolo Vampiro fa Kung Fu, La società per la Protezione dei Cani – narrated with the light and playful stroke of Joann Sfar and the delicious colours by Walter. Drawing upon the Jewish stories that his grandmother once told him, Sfar manages to build a universe full of fantasy and tenderness that will make both children and grown-ups happy.

The author:
Born in Nizza in 1971, Joann Sfar is a prolific and talented author of comics, who skilfully deals with both drawing and script. In 1994 he published his first comic book, Les Aventures d’Ossour Hyrsidoux, and since 2000 he has achieved growing appreciation from audience and critics alike, winning several prizes. He collaborates with the press, illustrates philosophical classics and has written several comic books, many of which have been translated into Italian. His titles published in English include Klezmer: Tales of the Wild East, Vampire Loves, the six volumes of Sardine in Outer Space, The Professor’s Daughter, The Rabbi’s Cat, Little Vampire, Dungeon and The Little Prince. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême, special award for the thirtieth anniversary of the festival. In 2010 he directed the musical Gainsbourg (vie héroïque), adapted from his graphic novel and awarded with three César awards. In 2011 he directed the animation movie Le Chat du Rabbin, an adaptation from his comic book series with the same title and nominated as the best animation movie at the European Film Awards. In December 2019 the movie Petit Vampire, the film adaptation of the series Little Vampire, will be released.
Published by #logosedizioni: Piccolo Vampiro 1 (2018), winner of the Andersen Prize 2019 for best comic book, Piccolo Vampiro 2 (2018), Piccolo Vampiro 3 (2019), Gran Vampiro 1 (2018), Gran Vampiro 2 (2019), Merlino, Salciccia e Tartina (2019), Merlino contro Babbo Natale (2019). Soon to be published: Il Signor Coccodrillo ha molta fame (2020).

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Author Joann Sfar
Publication date 2018
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Dimensions cm 19,5 x 25,5
Pages 96
Language/s Italian
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Title Publication Date
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Piccolo Vampiro Le Letture di Biblioragazzi www 19-11-2018
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Premio Andersen Andersen PDF 01-05-2019
Salone del Libro: tre domande a Joann Sfar Andersen www 06-05-2019
Premio Andersen 2019 Forkids www 15-05-2019
Libri per l'infanzia: Murgia, Masini, Negrin tra i vincitori del premio Andersen Corriere della Sera PDF 16-05-2019
I vincitori del premio Andersen Fumettologica www 16-05-2019
Premio Andersen: il trionfo dei colori e dei dettagli La Provincia PDF 28-05-2019
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