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Fifteen strange and marvellous places

We all know the splendour of the Louvre, the multitudes climbing up the Tour Eiffel, the crowded steps in Montmartre, the Mona Lisa’s mocking smile, or the luxury shopping in the Champs-Elysées, but, besides its main attractions, the “city of the lights” scrupulously hides a dark side many people have yet to discover. Actually, the French capital has always taken a liking in the extraordinary.

As Balzac wrote in Le Père Goriot, “Paris is in truth an ocean that no line can plumb. You may survey its surface and describe it; but no matter how numerous and painstaking the toilers in this sea, there will always be lonely and unexplored regions in its depths, caverns unknown, flowers and pearls and monsters of the deep overlooked or forgotten by the divers of literature”. If an authentic modern flaneur somehow existed nowadays – though equipped with a camera, smartphone or tablet – someone who could drift along the Seine docks, down the wide boulevards or in the deepest alleys, maybe at the most unlikely hours, just to discover unusual details, peculiar boutiques, hidden corners… choosing his route as suggested by Guy Debord: not based on what you know, but based on what you see… then, that stroller would experience the sudden and alienating feeling of walking in an unknown city.

This volume invites you to break through the surface of a such a mystery thanks to fifteen fascinating experiences, in their own distinct way; fifteen invitations to wonder, to begin to unveil the secrets dotting the flashing lights of the Ville Lumière. You will admire an enormous collection of gramophones and vintage record players; you will enter the threshold of a museum exhibiting two-headed calves and skinned bodies; you will stroll down the headstone rows of the pet cemetery; you will explore the ancient and naughty eroticism of the Belle Époque; you will be charmed by wizards and automated mannequins, weird shops full of stuffed dead animals and wonderful XIX century carousels. Hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by the contemporary divers – if not of literature, as in Balzac’s oeuvre – of the marvel world, just like the readers of our #BizzarroBazar series. Fifteen unusual and charming landmarks.

Also available in English and French

The author and editor:
Ivan Cenzi is an explorer of the uncanny and collector of curiosities. Since 2009 he has been the editor of #BizzarroBazar, a blog that deals with anything weird, macabre and marvellous, which in a short time has become the Italian landmark for this kind of topics. Over the years #BizzarroBazar has been dealing with wunderkammer, anthropology of death, museums and anatomical collections, history of the circus and travelling fairs, the early days of science, classical and modern art, alternative sexuality and in general anything at the outskirts of culture. He combines his work as a writer, editor and blogger with and intense work as a lecturer and collaborates with international museums and universities. From 2019, he is a lecturer for the master in Death Studies and for the degree course in Psychology of end-of-life relations at the University of Padua. He has contributed to various newspapers, written several foreword contributions for contemporary art publications and organized cultural events.

His books for #logosedizioni are: La veglia eterna. Catacombe dei Cappuccini di Palermo, De Profundis. Il cimitero delle Fontanelle di Napoli, Mors Pretiosa. Ossari religiosi italiani, Sua maestà anatomica. Museo Morgagni di Padova, Il pietrificatore. La collezione anatomica Paolo Gorini, Paris Mirabilia (also available in english and french), London Mirabilia (also available in english) and Julia Pastrana (also available in english).

The photographer:
Carlo Vannini is the photographer of all “cultural” objects: artworks, archaeological finds, restoration works, architectural structures, city views, but also ordinary handcrafted artefacts permeated by a strong historical feeling. He was born in Reggio Emilia in 1956, where his uncle, a painter, and his father, a decorator, made him familiar with artistic materials. After a short amateurish experience, Carlo developed a strong passion for the professional reproduction of artworks, which has been leading him through exciting adventures while documenting restoration works. He has gradually developed a mastery of photographic techniques such as ultraviolet, infrared, skimming light, transmitted light and mirrored light. Since 1983 he has been creating illustrations for catalogues and still-life advertising photographs and is acknowledged as one of the leading Italian fine art photographers.

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