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“Tears and drops of saliva like valuable jewels feed new life, patiently cultivated. And among them, even snails become careful, with an eye that watches their back; and the ants become so skilful to create water balls and the black beetles, even the most reluctant of swarming sliming gestures, are born again with a new happy and unaware role, in spite of themselves, as bearers of a new knowledge to germinate.”

PAPER VISIONS is the first collection of the #papercraft works by Elena Borghi, #paperDesigner or visionary on paper, who conceives, designs and creates paper worlds for the windows of the posh shops in Milan.
We could define it as a #windowsDesign book, where the subject/object of the window is given a leading role by the narration that the artist develops in its surroundings. But most and above all it is a handmade book in a mass-production era, where every detail of each work tells us about the hundreds hours spent by Elena to develop a creation: leaf by leaf, petal by petal, until a magic flowering meadow appears, where even jewels or shoes grow.

A book about the philosophy of life, in which a woman, hour after hour, flower after flower, develops her personal analysis of what surrounds her and deals with it, through a slow and meticulous #papercutting work, a mantra in her own words.

The author:
Elena Borghi
is a freelance scenographer, she designs and manufactures fittings for shop windows, exhibitions, events, interior design, advertising, photo shoots and any space which is hungry for ethereal presences. She draws on walls, on paper and on any possible surface where her black stroke can flow.
Among her clients, Castor, Erica Cavallini, Sergio Rossi, Seventy, Serapian, Sicis Jewels, Trussardi, Vogue.

#PaperVisions #papercraft #paperDesigner #papercutting #windowsDesign #logosedizioni

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Author Elena Borghi
Publication date 2015
Cover Paperback with flaps
Dimensions cm 17,0 x 24,0
Pages 96
Language/s Italian, English
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