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The circus has come to town! Stilt walkers, dwarves, clowns and elephants walk the streets of Paris… but where is the woman cannonball?
While the streets burst with life and people yelling and playing, an old clockmaker silently sits in his shop and waits. And thinks. Surrounded by pendulum clocks, pocket watches and cuckoo clocks that nobody is going to fetch anymore, but that he still fixes in order to keep their owners’ pulse alive, the old artisan muses over time and the hours all those devices have marked. Over all the lives and the stories they marked with their hands, tied at the wrist or resting on the heart of those who now have left them in his melancholic shop.
Lost in his thoughts, the clockmaker doesn’t notice that someone is calling him from the other side of the counter. It’s a dwarf from the circus with a pocket watch to fix. Happy to leave his state of forced idleness, the clockmaker immediately gets to work until… the dwarf’s life literally bursts out of it, in a turmoil (a tourbillon, as was anticipated by the oxymoric sign of the shop) of characters, mechanisms and gears that open the shop’s doors to the world. Page after page, the dwarf’s life unfolds in a series of performances on the unicycle, circus companions and many cameos from Mustacchi and Coiffures: a big pair of leonine moustaches in a cage, a surface-supplied diver and many flying objects, among which the delicate fruits of Taraxacum officinale. Page after page, we also notice a “Missing” sign sprouting on the lighting poles around the city: the woman cannonball is gone! It is up to the dwarf to go and find her on board an aircraft made of gears from his clock. Because time flies, while we don’t.

The subtle and elegant strokes of Antonio Bonanno ink drawings carry us into a Victorian-esque silent movie, where the precision of the reproduction and the small details perfectly counterbalance a surreal and lyrical visual storytelling.

The author and illustrator:
Antonio Bonanno was born in Catania in 1970. In 1988 he earned a certificate in Applied arts and a diploma as master of arts with specialization in Advertising graphics. In 1992 he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. After drawing cartoons for Catania’s daily newspaper La Sicilia, in 1997 he moved to Rome, where he obtained a diploma in computer DTP. He has worked as art director and advertising graphic for many Italian agencies such as Magma, Bound, Tamtam, StudioP, Mu and for Salani publishing. He has illustrated covers and books for many publishers, among which Édition du Lampion, HongFei Cultures, #logosedizioni, Marco Tropea editore, Edinova, Edizioni Amici, GG Studio.
His works were exhibited in many galleries, bookstores and shops, such as salone 5e lieu in Paris, Galleria d’arte Spazio Papel and Gogol & Company in Milano, Nardini Bookstore in Florence, Comix Café in Grosseto, Feltrinelli bookstore and TribeArt in Catania, Cibrario in Acqui Terme, Happy Planet Art Gallery in Viareggio. His illustrations were published on #ILLUSTRATI magazine. He taught illustration at the Arte invisibile association in Grosseto and the Scuola d’illustrazione di Scandicci in Florence, la 255 raw gallery di Bergamo e la scuola d’Arte applicata del Castello Sforzesco a Milano. As an illustrator, he participated in CartoonVillage in Manciano, Prato Comics & Games and Lucca Comics & Games.
He lives in Bergamo, where he works as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Le stanze segrete di monsieur Perronnet, #logosedizioni, 2018 Italy. Texts and illustrations
L'orologio, #logosedizioni, 2017 Italy. Texts and illustrations
Coiffures, #logosedizioni, 2015 Italy. Texts and illustrations
Mustacchi, #logosedizioni, 2014, Italy. Texts and illustrations
Cosimo Cristina, il “cronista ragazzino” ucciso dalla mafia, Round Robin editore, 2015, Italy. Illustrations
Moustaches, Édition du Lampion,  2014, France. Texts and illustrations
Artis, HongFei Cultures, 2014, France. Cover image
Enascentia: manuale master. Savage World. GG Studio editore, 2014, Italy. Illustrations
Enascentia: manuale Savage World. GG Studio editore, 2013, Italy. Illustrations
Il pozzo dei misteri, Marco Tropea editore, 2010, Italy. Cover image
Il vampiro vegetariano, Marco Tropea editore, 2009, Italy. Cover image
Fiabe da colorare, Edinova, 1998 and 1999, Italy. Cover and inside illustrations


#OROLOGIO #ILLUSTRATI #logosedizioni

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"L'orologio" racconto illustrato La Repubblica Palermo PDF 11-04-2018
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