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A genuine and natural ingredient
The secrets of coconut oil

In recent years, the western world has experienced a major shift in its approach to health and wellbeing. Where we were once advised to cut down on fat and sold the benefits of refined foods, we are now experiencing a complete turnaround and something of a dietary revolution.
As we move towards a more natural diet, coconut oil has emerged as a hero food and a staple in the diets of health-conscious eaters. Divided into four sections – Food, Health, Home and Beauty – the varied recipes in Coconut Oil reveal the versatility of this super oil. As well as its more familiar uses in the kitchen, from flavouring Thai curries to creating dairy-free chocolate brownies, coconut oil has many applications that can support health and natural beauty. Discover how to take advantage of this oil with simple recipes for cough relief syrup, metabolism-boosting tea, massage oil, shampoo and much more. Coconut Oil also uncovers surprising uses around the home. As a natural oil with lubricating and protective barrier properties, coconut oil can be put to use in many ways, with applications for every room of the house – from laundry detergent to furniture polish. A book that reveals the genuineness and effectiveness of this natural ingredient, suitable for all sorts of applications.

Laura Agar Wilson posts tip and advices, recipes and, most of all, words of encouragement and support to thousands of followers on her blog wholeheartedlyhealthy.com A lifestyle and health coach, Laura helps to empower women to live healthier and happier lives. She was awarded as blogger of the year at the British Health Awards; Coconut Oil is her second book.


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Author Laura Agar Wilson
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Olio di cocco. Oltre 200 ricette e idee facili per la casa, la salute e la bellezza Casa Chic PDF 01-03-2018
Olio di cocco. Oltre 200 ricette e idee facili per la casa, la salute e la bellezza Casa Chic PDF 03-02-2019
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