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How to use essential oils for health, beauty, and well-being

Over the last few decades, essential oils have become increasingly popular. Some people have a regular or occasional aromatherapy massage, and many more also use essential oils in the bath, and in burners, creams, and lotions, and around the home. In this way essential oils provide natural alternatives to chemically based soaps, cleaners, detergents, and air fresheners.
This book for the general reader offers a simple introduction to a wide variety of essential oils, providing all the basic information you need, including how to use the oils effectively and safely. For each essential oil details are provided of the botanical family, method of extraction, fragrance description, and the therapeutic properties (you will find a glossary of terms at the end of the book).The profile of each essential oil also comes with a simple recipe, so you can create your own aromatherapy products using different essential oils and the plants and herbs from which they are extracted.

  • Explore fragrance descriptions and blending profiles.
  • Discover traditional uses and therapeutic properties.
  • Learn how to use essential oils safely.
  • Includes 40 recipes, such as massage blends, natural bubble baths, calming teas, and more.

The author:
Gill Farrer-Halls is an author that specializes in aromatherapy and spiritual well-being. She has used her extensive knowledge and experience as an aromatherapy teacher to write books such as Meditations & Rituals Using Aromatherapy Oils and Creating Calm, In Spirit of Aromotherapy, and The Aromotherapy Bible: The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils. Gill is a practicing Buddhist, primarily in the Tibetan tradition. She has spent time in India and Nepal and has worked closely with the Dalai Lama to gain an insight into his life and into Buddhism, as research for her book The World of the Dalai Lama: An Inside Look at His Life, His People & His Vision. She is also currently a freelance producer for the Meridian Trust Buddhist Film and Video Archive in London. Her books have sold over 19,000 copies in the U.K. alone. 

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Author Gill Farrer Halls
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Oli essenziali, due gocce per rifiorire Il Messaggero PDF 21-04-2018
Oli essenziali, guida completa per salute, bellezza e benessere Vivere Country PDF 01-10-2018
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