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What happens to the life of a family when a baby is born?
Based on a true story.

Just another day, in an ordinary neighbourhood, something happened which interrupted the usual succession of the days: a new-born baby literally fell from the sky.
“Catch him, before he falls!” yells the mother. “I’ve got him!” cries the worried father.
This new illustrated book by Isol deals with the arrival of a new-born baby and the way this event affects the daily life of everybody around him. The baby is an alien creature, coming from a faraway and unknown place; a long process of adaptation of the baby to the world is needed... and of the world to the baby.
Much more than a simple autobiographical narrative (the book was published during the first  year of life of the author’s first child), Nino turns all that seems to be ordinary and predictable into a funny and meticulous enquiry based on close observation. And it is precisely this effective distancing device that allows the author to review what we all know – that a child has ears to listen, eyes to watch, that he poops and pukes… – as if it was something completely new, observing physical characteristics and behaviours of this mysterious and independent creature with endless amazement and poetry.

Unlike Isol’s previous works, in which images apparently prevail, in this book the texts is particularly important, going with simple and extremely accurate illustrations. The typical black drawings stand out against a limited and placid palette of orange and blue shades in this well-finished volume whose pages imitate the surface of old cream-coloured wrapping paper.

The author and illustrator:
Isol was born in Argentina. Besides illustrating, writing and designing her books, she’s also a poet, comic-strip writer and singer. As an illustrator, in 2003 she was awarded the Golden Apple at the Biennale of illustrations in Bratislava; the concept and illustrations of her È utile avere una paperella have been awarded by the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Consejo de Diseñadores de México. Twice a finalist for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize (2006, 2007), she is considered one of the best illustrators in the world. In 2013 she won the Astrid Lindgren Award.
Her books for #logosedizioni are: È utile avere una paperella, Cose che capitano, Il palloncino, La bella Griselda, Notturno. Ricettario dei sogni, Scambio culturale, Segreto di famiglia, Sorpresa!, Vita da cani, Nino.

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