Bill Dobbins

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Hardbodies in bikinis

Though the popularity of female bodybuilding has been rapidly growing over the past three decades, women`s brawny body types are still not accepted in the global opinion of the way women ought to look. Enter Bill Dobbins, a man whose mission is to show the world what ultra-muscular women really look like—and that they look good. Modern Amazons is a unique collection of fine art photos and essays giving a fascinating insight into Dobbins’s vision of femininity and the impact of female bodybuilding on modern society. Dobbins shows us a kind of female physique that challenges the typical thin-legged-large-breasted archetype of female beauty. With his highly skilled studio and natural light portraits, he worships these women`s bulging muscles like no photographer has done before.

The foreword is written by Joe Weider.

The photographer:
Bill Dobbins is a photographer, writer, and video director. His artistic photographs, especially nudes, first appeared in Joe Weider’s Flex Magazine, the world’s leading bodybuilding publication. His work has also been featured in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including this year’s "Picturing The Modern Amazon" exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. In 1995, Dobbins published The Women: Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders (Artisan, NY); he has also written a number of books on bodybuilding training and nutrition and has collaborated with Arnold Schwarzenegger on three books.

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