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Sometimes a name is enough to recall thousands of legends: this is what happens when wizard Merlin is mentioned, one of the protagonists of the Matter of Britain, and of the cycle of king Arthur. However, little is known about the childhood of this powerful enchanter. Fortunately, Joann Sfar and José Luis Munuera have filled the void, and enjoyed imagining him in a funny, joyful and iconoclastic guise. We thus discover that, before becoming a wizard in his own right, Merlin had two cheerful companions named Tartina (an ogre who stopped eating children but is still quite a glutton, downright ugly and has a single-digit IQ) and Salciccia (a talking pig, of course, what did you expect?). With them, he lived incredible and hilarious adventures!

In this first volume of the Merlin series, the protagonist, a tiny boy with a hat that is definitely too large, meets Salciccia and Tartina, at risk of being devoured by the latter, and the very annoying Princess Viviana, who adores poisonous mushrooms but hates the poor. The princess has long been sleepless, because her powerful father, King Noctiflorio, always fills her mattress with peas to make sure she is really his daughter. The three friends decide to kidnap the princess in order to teach her to respect the poor, so they enter the castle on the eve of the agony of Julio the Ecclesiastes, an unmissable show with an unmissable selection of exhilarating tortures, offered by the Rìbocche slippers. After all, as Salciccia reminds us, "it's the Middle Ages"! The kidnapping does not seem to be successful, but fortunately Meripoppi, the gentle witch, who sees the future and the past (and sometimes the imperfect subjunctive), manages to put things right.


The author:
Born in Nizza in 1971, Joann Sfar is a prolific and talented author of comics, who skilfully deals with both drawing and script. In 1994 he published his first comic book, Les Aventures d’Ossour Hyrsidoux, and since 2000 he has achieved growing appreciation from audience and critics alike, winning several prizes. He collaborates with the press, illustrates philosophical classics and has written several comic books, many of which have been translated into Italian. His titles published in English include Klezmer: Tales of the Wild East, Vampire Loves, the six volumes of Sardine in Outer Space, The Professor’s Daughter, The Rabbi’s Cat, Little Vampire, Dungeon and The Little Prince. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême, special award for the thirtieth anniversary of the festival. In 2010 he directed the musical Gainsbourg (vie héroïque), adapted from his graphic novel and awarded with three César awards. In 2011 he directed the animation movie Le Chat du Rabbin, an adaptation from his comic book series with the same title and nominated as the best animation movie at the European Film Awards. In December 2019 the movie Petit Vampire, the film adaptation of the series Little Vampire, will be released.
Published by #logosedizioni: Piccolo Vampiro 1 (2018), winner of the Andersen Prize 2019 for best comic book, Piccolo Vampiro 2 (2018), Piccolo Vampiro 3 (2019), Gran Vampiro 1 (2018), Gran Vampiro 2 (2019), Merlino, Salciccia e Tartina (2019), Merlino contro Babbo Natale (2019). Soon to be published: Il Signor Coccodrillo ha molta fame (2020).

José Luis Munuera (Lorca, 1972) is a Spanish draftsman and illustrator. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Granada and quickly showed a particular interest in humorous comics: among his main sources of inspiration are Franco-Belgian classic comic strips (Spirou and Fantasio, Astérix). Since he met Joann Sfar in the Nineties, at the Angoulême festival, a long-lasting collaboration that would lead to the creation of seven illustrated books – four of which are dedicated to Merlin's childhood – kicked off. For his work as an illustrator, Munuera has received several awards in France, Belgium and Québec.

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