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Where old things are born again to a new life
The appreciation of the past meets the love for the environment

MANOTECA is a small stone house in a garden, a workshop where old and abandoned things are looked after, reinterpreted and reassembled. Until they become unique pieces of furniture, hand-made in accordance with their original structure and function and with the former builders and owners.
The mission of Elisa Cavani, the maker of the amazing works collected in this volume, is not only to save objects that would otherwise be destroyed, but also to preserve the stories they bring with them, sometimes well-known and sometimes unknown, but in any case fundamental to establish a connection with the past and with one’s homeland. In other words, with one’s own origin.
Elisa is not interested in the story of monuments and of great art, but in the daily life of ordinary people, and she pays attention not to precious antiques, but to objects that are considered poor and worthless, at least by those who can’t see their endless potentialities.
Upcycling, after all, is not only an act of love towards the object and its story but also a sound and responsible operation that opposes consumerism’s prevailing attitude promoting the appreciation of materials that can still be used in order to avoid worthless wastes and environmental damages.
Here, in a perfectly anti-consumerist and environmentalist perspective, old carpenter’s tables, doors, dressers and tricycles are born again into new forms and are desired, loved and looked after once again, so that they regain their dignity and acquire further meanings. Scattered around the world like spores of a new culture, these pieces attract new owners, creating new stories and new stratifications, in a virtuous circle that considers the past as the key to confront the future in a more responsible way.

Elisa Cavani was born in Modena and lives in Bologna. She obtained a master’s degree in Design and Communication at the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia. Working all around the world as a visual merchandiser for brands such as Max Mara, Escada and Trussardi, she started conceiving the idea of MANOTECA, which came to light only after a ten-year-gestation, in 2011. “A fantastic period” in which her house became a workshop and filled with sawing, tools and, little by little, with all the creations that today she displays in her showroom in Bologna and sells around the world.

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