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How to give new life to our old objects
The art of upcycling

Ever thought about transforming that rusty old ladder in the garage into something awesome or fancied refurbishing the random old dining chair in the shed but don’t have the know-how?
In Upcycling Max McMurdo teaches you how to discover your inner design genius – learn how to find great scrap items and the techniques to transform them into desirable items, with renewed value and a personal touch.
From the wheelbarrow chair to the washing-machine drum illuminated side table, from the glass sweet jar wall lamp, to the lean-to pallet herb planter: the wide range of ideas throughout the book will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and have a go. Every project comes with an abundance of pictures and is described through simple steps, a perfect guide for beginners. If you are convinced that buying a new element of interior design is always the best and only solution available, this book will make you change your mind. We all keep some worn-out objects that have reached the end of their life cycle simply because we are emotionally attached to them and unable to throw them away. Why don’t you consider the possibility of giving them a new life, saving some money and protecting the environment in the process?
Step away from the chipboard and venture out of your comfort zone and into a glorious world of designing, sanding, waxing, stunning colours – and creativity. You don’t have to own the latest expensive tools or have any previous experience. Some of the projects involve only a few simple steps and can be completed within an hour, whereas others may take a weekend and combine several different materials, techniques and tools. Whichever project you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and remember design is all about experimenting, learning and not always getting it right!

Max McMurdo is a designer, upcycler, businessman and TV presenter. After graduating in product design, he moved to Germany to study the practice of upcycling, then funded his company reestore ltd, with the aim of creating design furniture with reusable materials. After a successful pitch to the BBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2007, Max left with investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. He participated in several conferences to retell his experience and inspire the young entrepreneurs of the future.


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Author Max McMurdo
Publication date 2017
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