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Inspiring interiors for contemporary country living

Country living has long been associated with a relaxed, informal way of life and a sense of tradition, both of which continue to hold a powerful attraction for many of us today. This strong appreciation of rural traditions does not mean, however, that all country homes are relics of the past, set in decorative aspic. Where new houses are built, it is natural to employ contemporary design solutions, but these same types of solution and innovative ideas work equally well when old spaces are given over to new uses, converted, renovated or just revived.
It’s impossible to deny, however, that modern country style, although emphatically of the twenty-first century, is still based on, and evolved from, traditional rural values. Lightness of living is always important; an understanding of the things that make life pleasant, such as family and friends, comfort and ease, food and drink. Presenting some of the most exciting examples of the contemporary in interior design, Modern Country is full of inspiration on how to achieve that highly desirable ideal of comfortable country living combined with the clean lines and edited design of today.
The book is divided into four sections, all featuring a wealth of case studies. ‘Country Locations’ considers the appeal of contemporary rural havens, mountain retreats and coastal escapes; ‘Architectural Styles’ surveys agricultural conversions, country house renovations and new building in the natural landscape. ‘Materials and Finishes’ explores the use of stone, brick, metal, glass, plaster and concrete. The final part of the book, ‘Country Living’, is devoted to different living spaces in the home that reflect the gentler, warmer pace of life in the country while being resoundingly modern.
Created from the impressive photographic archive of the French interiors magazines Côté Sud, Côté Est and Côté Ouest, this elegant book offers stunning imagery, décor advice and truly inspirational interiors from Brittany to Corsica, Ibiza to Cornwall, ranging from modern rustic chalets to contemporary chic loft-style barns.   

The author:

Caroline Clifton-Mogg is an experienced journalist who specializes in interior design, antiques and gardens. She is the author of many books, including The White Home, Set with Style, China and Glass, The Curtain Design Sourcebook, Decorating with Antiques, Textile Style and A Passion for Collecting, and writes regularly for a number of magazines and newspapers. She lives in London.

Côté Maison, part of the French media group Groupe Express-Roularta, is synonymous with the best in interior design. The magazines Côté Sud, Côte Est, Côté Ouest, Côté Paris and Maison Française Magazine are dedicated to the art of living stylishly, and feature articles written by experts in their field and beautiful photographs of classic and contemporary design.


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