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A crash course in architectural styles

How to Read Buildings is a practical primer to looking at and appreciating architecture. It is a guide to reading the historical and architectural clues that are embedded in every building. Small enough
to carry in your pocket and serious enough to provide real answers, this comprehensive guide:

  • explores key characteristics of structures dating from every period
    from the ancient Greeks to the present day
  • gives expert advice on how to identify any building and put it in historical context
  • provides an accessible visual guide, using detailed engravings and text, to architectural styles and structural elements

This handy volume is a primer for decoding a building’s style, history, and evolution. Every building contains clues embedded in its design that identify not only its architectural style but also the story of who designed it, who it was built for, and why it was built. Small enough to fit in a pocket yet serious enough to provide real answers, this one-of-a-kind guide is a must-have for anyone who loves architecture.

Beginning with a guide to building types, architectural styles, and materials, each chapter takes an architectural element and looks at its variety across history and geographical location. Examples are shown through dozens of fine engravings with extended captions, creating an effective at-a-glance guide. A final section examines the significance of decorative ornament.

Packed with architectural and historical fact and detail, this attractive, highly informative handbook will engage anyone who has pondered the meaning of a hipped roof, the importance of a rounded doorway, or the origins of a classical pediment.

The author:
Dr. Carol Davidson Cragoe
is an architectural historian, writer, and lecturer who studied in New York and London. She specializes in showing how buildings reveal the lives of the people who built and used them. She is currently engaged in a research project on the history and architectural heritage of British churches.


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