Giulia Pintus, Paloma Bordons

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The newspaper announces: on Tuesday at five thirty-two p.m., the crown prince of This and That will pass through the village of Faraway. An opportunity not to be missed! As everyone knows, hereditary princes are always on the lookout for some nice young ladies to marry. And This and That is full of young ladies to marry!
Preparations for the big event begin and Peppina, the candy seller, is the most resolute of all. She is the best seamstress in the village and for the occasion she has bought a red fabric with blue polka dots that cost her a fortune. She is going to sew a dress that will make that prince's head spin, with bows, laces, zippers, buttons, long sleeves, short sleeves, round neckline, square neckline, everything!
When The Great Day comes, Peppina wears her new dress and goes down the street swollen with pride but, TO HER HORROR, it seems that all her efforts to stand out and impress the prince were in vain! And there’s more! When at five thirty-two p.m. the royal procession darts through Faraway ... without even slowing down it passes over and leaves. Unaware of all the fuss he has caused, the prince doesn’t even think about marriage!
The soft strokes, the funny expressions of the characters and the many small details of the dreamy images by Giulia Pintus complete this story by Spanish writer Paloma Bordons, published in Italy for the first time. A lively, funny story to read in one go, which shows us how easy it is to create unrealistic expectations from nothing and how, very often, a good laugh and a party with friends are the right solution to disappointment, bad mood and competition.

The author:
Paloma Bordons
was born in Madrid in 1964. She studied Forest Engineering and Hispanic Philology. She started writing stories for children at a very young age and has never stopped: she has published more than forty books, many of which have been translated into different languages. In Spain she has received many awards for children literature – Barco de Vapor, Edebé and Ciudad de Málaga. She also writes young adult novels and, occasionally, poetry, and when she has the opportunity she likes to illustrate her own books. She lived for two years in Bolivia, collaborating with the Secretaría Nacional de Educación, and then for some time also in Argentina and Switzerland. She currently lives in Brighton, England.

The illustrator:
Giulia Pintus is a freelance illustrator and sometimes also a bizarre writer. She lives in Piacenza, but she hopes one day she could live all around the world. She likes using the pencil like children, and loves matching sage green with pink. She works in a studio in dots and stripes called Foglie al Vento (Leaves in the Wind). Her puppy’s name is Senape.
With #logosedizioni she has published: Attilio (2017), Giacinto (2018), Batata (2018), Buonanotte Cipollina (2019), La signorina Peppina (2019), Solletichino (2019) and Signor Singhiozzo (2019).

Book Info
Illustrator Giulia Pintus
Author Paloma Bordons
Publication date 2019
Cover softcover with flaps
Dimensions cm 15,0 x 19,0
Pages 64
Language/s Italian
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La signorina Peppina Letteratura per l'infanzia e per ragazze/i, a cura di Angela Articoni www 18-02-2020
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