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After looking all over the village, Miguel found his nanny goat on a roof top. “Does she think she’s a weather vane? Does she think she’s a chimney? Perhaps a cat?" Miguel asked himself. With the help of a few flowers, a story book and a handfull of salt (nanny goats like salt more than children like ice cream), the silly nanny goat went back to where it belonged.
The writer tells us, remembering his childhood, that in the village there were two or three nanny goats to a house. Early in the morning, when the children were on their way to school they took their goats and left them with the goatherd in the square. The goatherd went into the hills and the children went to school.
At the end of the day the children collected their nanny goats -although more than one went to the pen. That way, the nanny goat went back home with its belly full, ready to give milk, and the children with their heads full of what they had learnt at school.
The silly nanny goat -or wise nanny goat- stems from the observation and knowledge of the countryside, constituting an indirect formula for observing and understanding the realistic and fantastic side of things.
Miguel’s nanny goat isn’t with the goatherd now. Perhaps it’s in the pen... Miguel looks all over for it, till he finds it where he would never think of looking. The adventure ends with a comical and unsuspected twist which the illustrations support.
Using essential oral narrative resources (onomatopoeia, dialogues, repetitions...), Pep Bruno comes up with an ideal story to tell to the even smallest of the family before going off to sleep. A story with an essential text, backed up both by the narrative and visual aspect.
Roger Olmos presents very efficient images with scenes, guiding the action and assimilating the spatial concepts that mark the narrative rhythm. The drawings, dynamic and absurd, exude stimulating and comic details for the imagination, which turn the Silly Nanny Goat into a book which may also attract older readers.

The illustrator:
Roger Olmos
was born in Barcelona on the 23rd December 1975 and became interested in the world of illustration from a very young age. After finishing his studies, he started an apprenticeship as a scientific illustrator at the Dexeus Clinic, then he attended the Llotja Avinyó School of Arts and Crafts and turned to the illustration of children’s books. In 1999 he was selected at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where he met his first publisher. Since then he has illustrated more than eighty books with about twenty Spanish and international publishers. Lover of animals and activist, he has embraced a vegan lifestyle and has been working for years to promote with his art respect for the environment and all living creatures. He lives with three cats – one with three legs, one deaf and one blind with only half a jaw – and two dogs, a 19 year old arthritic one and a 12 year old big boy.

Awards and acknowledgments:
• In the years 1999, 2002 and 2005 he was selected for the Illustrator’s Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
• Selected for The White Raven 2002 (Tío Lobo, kalandraka)
• Selected for The White Raven 2004 (El Libro de las Fábulas, Ediciones B)
• Menzione speciale White Ravens 2006, for La cosa che fa più male al mondo, OQO/#logosedizioni
• Premio Llibreter de Álbum Ilustrado 2006, for La cosa che fa più male al mondo, OQO/#logosedizioni
• Premio Lazarillo de Álbum Ilustrado 2008, for El príncipe de los enredos, Edelvives
• Premio 400Colpi, Torredilibri 2015, for Senzaparole, #logosedizioni
• Premio del Ministerio de Cultura de España al mejor libro ilustrado categoría infantil y juvenil 2016, for La leggenda di Zum

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Illustrator Roger Olmos
Author Pep Bruno
Series OQO
Publication date 2007
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions cm 25,0 x 24,0
Pages 36
Language/s Italian
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