Marco Palena, Ivan Cenzi

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“She is a perfect woman — a rational creature, endowed with speech, which no monster has ever possessed. She is therefore a Hybrid, wherein the nature of woman predominates over the brute — the Ourang Outang. Altogether she is the most extraordinary being of the day.”
This is the diagnosis of the doctor who visits Julia Pastrana, as she herself recounts recalling her own life from the day when her mother sold her – still a child – to an emissary of the Governor of Sinaloa, and she had to leave forever the village where she was born. Her exceptional condition led her to be rejected at the beginning, but it also soon made her incredibly successful. In the city, Julia received an education, learnt to dance and was taught proper manners, she refined her talent in singing and got ready for Broadway’s Gothic Hall, where a very large audience came to admire the incredible contrast between the “semi-human” appearance and the gentle ways of the new rising star. A triumphant tour began and love came too. “You have the right to be happy” whispered Theodore Lent, who later became her husband.
Julia Pastrana was a native Mexican woman who lived in the Nineteenth Century. She was born with hypertrichosis and gingival hypertrophy and soon became a celebrity thanks to her talents as a singer and dancer but above all to her unusual appearance. What can’t be found in documentary sources is the flow of her feelings, the point of view from which the woman looked at her own destiny. We can only imagine all this, and Ivan Cenzi does it with his usual delicacy and profoundness, entrusting Julia’s thoughts to a diary that continues even after her death. Like vintage photographs, the intense graphite and digital images by Marco Palena show us the appearance of Julia and of the other characters, whereas the texts allow the woman’s noble character and her refined sensibility to emerge. Little by little, we realize who the real monsters are, abject people willing to use other human beings for the sole purpose of getting rich. From an early age, Julia passes from hand to hand like a commodity, yet she is always eager to live every experience fully, to surrender to love. And it is precisely with a question about love that the book comes to its end. Did Theodore really love Julia?
An intense and controversial love story, an invitation to respect diversity, and above all an extraordinary portrait of a woman.

Ivan Cenzi was born in 1978 in Asiago (VI). After graduating in Communication Studies at the University of Siena and specializing in Film direction at Cinecittà, he now works as a film director and producer for Interzone Visions, an independent company he has founded himself. Explorer of the uncanny and collector of curiosities, since 2009 he has been the editor of #BizzarroBazar, a blog that deals with anything weird, macabre and marvelous, which in a short time has become the Italian landmark for this kind of topics. Over the years #BizzarroBazar has been dealing with Wunderkammern, anatomical museums and collections, the history of circus and traveling fairs, the early days of science, photography, classic and modern art, music, literature but also anthropology, thanatology, psychology, cinema, sexuality, humour, etc. The blog’s scrupulous editorial criteria aim to avoid the muddy cheap stuff of supermarket wonders, as well as TV “mysteries” (UFO, ghosts, and the like) choosing to emphasize the little known history of a human race that has always turned diversity into a creative force.

Marco Palena was born in Atessa, in the province of Chieti, and lives in Pescara. He studied at an art school and then attended the Faculty of Architecture. Later he began to take an interest in illustration for children, soon gaining approval and appreciation in various competitions. He was selected for the 2011 and 2012 editions of the “Rights in colors” competition and won third place in the international competition “Disegni al sole” (Drawings in the Sun) in 2012. The following year he won the prize for the best illustrated book in the category 4-7 years at the 14th international competition “Syria Poletti: On the wings of the Butterflies” and the Illustramente first prize. In 2016 he won the competition launched by #logosedizioni for the “Librerie in fiore” poster. In 2017 he won the Golden Award (Advertising Category) by Annual and the World Illustration Awards in two categories: Overall Winner New Talent and New Talent Winner (Advertising Category). In 2018, the jury of Annual awarded him the Toppi Prize for the work Blind created for ILLUSTRATI magazine (published by #logosedizioni).

Book Info
Illustrator Marco Palena
Author Ivan Cenzi
Series Bizzarro Bazar
Publication date 2019
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions cm 21,0 x 28,0
Language/s Italian
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