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Conditions of usage


Payment methods

Our products, available as illustrated and described in the on-line descriptive  sheets, are purchased by the Customer at the price herein specified after the agreed discount, to be confirmed as the confirmation of order is being sent. Before the purchase confirmation, the Customer receives a recapitulation of the unit cost for each selected item, the discount applied and the total cost of the purchased stock.
As he confirms the purchase, to complete the transaction, the Customer receives a message with the Number of Order and the total Amount of the Order.

Payment method (to be executed at the time of purchase)

  • PayPal and credit card, on every international circuit, through the PayPal Pro secure payment
  • cash on delivery: cash payment to the courier at the time of delivery (ITALY only)
  • according to the supply conditions agreed between the bookshop and Inter Logos srl

Risks and Property
At the time of the delivery of goods, the customer is due to make sure that the items are intact and that the amount of items matches the one stated on the fiscal receipt or invoice. In case of discrepancy, Inter Logos should be informed within 1 (one) day via fax or email. Even if the packaging of the parcel is not damaged, the items should be checked within 2 (two) days of receipt. Any hidden anomaly should be pointed out in writing via fax or email. For each statement, the customer takes full responsibility for all that is stated.

The sale of the material which is exhibited and sold through this on-line store can be assimilated to mail-order sales and implies the application of art. 2, paragraph 1, letter OO) of the D.p.r. 696/96 that exempts these transfers from the compulsory issue of fiscal certification (till receipt and fiscal receipt). After the purchase, the invoice is issued.

Informations and complaints
For any request of explanation or complaint, you can contact the supplier writing an e-mail to the address: servizio.librerie@logos.info


Recapitulation of business agreements

Available payment methods

Cash Order (CO)
non disponibile
Bank Transfer
non disponibile
Cash on delivery
non disponibile
Credit Card

Available discounts

No discount for publisher enabled

Returns conditions

No returns for publisher enabled

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