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Secrets of Aromatherapy
Use fragrance to defuse mental, physical, and emotional stress

Plant extracts have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years but in the last 30 years their popularity as health and relaxation aids has also increased, to the point where they are now common additions to many bodycare products. This guide to aromatherapy helps you make informed choices about essential oils, explaining the origins of the art, the practical uses of individual oils as healing agents, self-massage, and what to expect from an aromatherapy session. Be a part of the aromatic revolution and learn how to let nature bring you relief from your troubles.

The series:
The Secrets of…
series offers a unique juxtaposition of theory and practice, providing clear, full explanations which demystify each subject and show you the best way to apply it.

  • Details the key essential oils used
  • Shows you how to put them to practical use in treating specific problems
  • Jargon-free approach makes aromatherapy easy to understand for the newcomer

The author:
Jennie Harding
has been a tutor of Essential Oil Therapeutics at the Tisserand Institute in London for ten years. She has also taught in the USA and Europe. She has a keen interest in growing aromatic plants and is pursuing studies in botany and ecology. This is her first book.


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