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Look up to the sky
The highest buildings in the world, all the secrets

Skyscrapers have been piercing the clouds since the end of the nineteenth century. As real estate prices soar, the only way to build is up, and developers are always trying to build bigger, better and higher than anyone else. At the moment, the structure holding the record title is the tower Burj Khalifa, but within the year 2020 it will be surpassed by Santiago Calatrava’s new building in the Dubai’s Creek Harbour area.
This beautifully illustrated book for architecture aficionados reveals how the world’s most iconic skyscrapers were built. Each lavish spread comprises detailed cross-sections, information on the construction and fact boxes containing key dates and materials. Extended captions provide historical context and information about the architect.
Grattacieli gives you the low-down on the high buildings that loom over us in cities around the world.

The author:
John Hill
is the author and founder of the popular blog A Daily Dose of Architecture. Based in New York, he is an eminent blogger within the field and a key figure in the online architecture community, overseeing the Building of the Year competition for the American branch of the platform.


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