Giulia Pintus, Graciela Beatriz Cabal

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On her birthday, Giulietta has received some really wonderful presents! A real turtle, a puppet named Pincopallino, a little plant with a beautiful red flower… and also a new friend: Giacinto, a tiny, puckish creature. He is the funniest friend she has ever had, so she starts taking him with her everywhere she goes. The two of them become inseparable and they are always up to some prank… Until one day Giulietta gets a little brother: Santiaguito. The entire family is in a frenzy, everybody running up and down the house to look after him, and even Giulietta has eyes only for the newborn. Giacinto starts feeling left out, and he gets covered with spots because of the jealousy… which makes him even more mischievous than usual! This sweet, entertaining story by the Argentinian writer Graciela Beatriz Cabal is now published in Italy for the first time, along with the delicate illustrations by Giulia Pintus, whose pastel colours and witty style give the characters a funny appearance matching the light-hearted irony of the text. An amusing and tender story about those imaginary friends only children can see.

The author:
Graciela Beatriz Cabal (1939–2004) was an Argentinian writer and journalist. She was an avid reader and studied with Jorge Luís Borges. She found Cinderellas and perfect houses boring, while she really enjoyed collecting prizes and travelling around Argentina with her suitcase filled with stories. She had children, grandchildren, a husband, a dog, a cat, parrots and a very, very strange home… She wrote more than sixty children books, plus some other books for grown-ups, all of them unpublished in Italy – until now. Giacinto was her first story for children, and it was published for the first time in 1977.
By the same author, #logosedizioni also published Batata (2018), a funny story for little girls and puppies.

The illustrator:
Giulia Pintus is a freelance illustrator and sometimes also a bizarre writer. She lives between Piacenza and Bologna, but she hopes one day she could live all around the world. She likes using the pencil like children, and loves matching sage green with pink. When she’s happy, she draws vegetables; when she’s sad, she draws cans. She works in a study in dots and stripes called Foglie al Vento (Leaves in the Wind). Her puppy’s name is Senape.
With #logosedizioni she also published Attilio (2017) and Batata (2018).


Book Info
Illustrator Giulia Pintus
Author Graciela Beatriz Cabal
Publication date 2018
Cover softcover
Dimensions cm 15,0 x 19,0
Pages 48
Language/s Italian
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