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‘What greater gift than the love of a cat’ said Dickens. Maybe it’s just because their affections are not easily won that these creatures fascinate us so much.
It’s often said that cats are creatures that domesticated themselves – as soon as humans began to settle in one place, they soon followed and made themselves at home. It’s the domestic situation in which cats are often captured in paintings because it’s the place that is the common ground between cats and humans. Cats are unusual as they are the only domestic creatures that come and go exactly as they please. Away from their homes they lead another, entirely secret life that we know nothing about, returning for food, shelter and (if you’re very privileged) a comfortable lap to sit on.
While this might sound rather mercenary, it goes some way to explaining the unique relationship between cats and humans. Whereas most pets are entirely dependent on their humans, cats are not, and some (invariably non-cat-loving) people find this difficult to accept.
Cats are smart beings, and, like a Jane Austen heroine, their affections are not easily won. They need to be wooed and will return your attentions as and when they see fit. Cats seem to delight in keeping us guessing, but that just seems to add to their appeal. As Hazel Nicholson neatly puts it, ‘A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.’

The Authors
Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a partner at Pentagram Design London. In 2001 he was the co-curator with Roanne Bell of ‘Picture This’, a British Council exhibition featuring the work of London illustrators. His work includes Hand to Eye (2003, with Roanne Bell), The Picture Book (2010, with Steven Bateman), Symbol (2011), The Purple Book (2013), Cani d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016), Gatti d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016), Cavalli d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2018) and Fiori d'autore (#logosedizioni, 2019).

Kendra Wilson is the author of My Garden is a Car Park and Other Design Dilemmas, and co-author of Cani d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016) and Fiori d'autore (#logosedizioni, 2019). She is a regular contributor to the American mega-blog Gardenista and her printed work appears in publications including the Sunday Times and House & Garden.

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