Liam Carver

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Black lines on a white page
A collection of fineliner drawings full of tips and cues

You do not necessary need expensive tools and insane expertise to move and amaze the audience with your artwork. Plain black lines on a white page might be enough, as Liam Carver shows us in his volume Fineliner.
With 85 wonderful inkworks realized by contemporary artists from all over the world, this book presents a rich array of styles you can take the cue from. Wild nature, breath-taking landscapes, the beauty of the outer space are portrayed here with at times delicate, at times bold, funny or intricate strokes, showing the effectiveness of this tool to those who wish to depict the most diverse subjects, release their creativity or simply express their personalities. Grab your sketchbook and fineliner, unleash your imagination and let yourself be inspired by them! If you are wondering how to obtain an extremely detailed drawing by merely using an ink pen or how to effectively employ the stippling and hatching technique, you just have to read the brief descriptions that go with the images: you will find essential information on styles, techniques and tools, as well as several useful tips. And thanks to the image index, finding a specific illustration that struck you will be extremely easy. A guide for artists as well as art lovers.

The author:
Liam Carver
is a self-taught artist and illustrator from the south coast of England. Primarily with the use of fineliner pens, his focus is on minimal monochrome inkwork widely inspired by nature, shapes and the outside world. He uses a wide variety of intricate techniques ranging from stippling, line work and hatching to produce immensely detailed drawings. Liam’s work can be seen at @liamcarverart, where he has over 26,000 followers.

Book Info
Subject Arte
Author Liam Carver
Publication date 2020
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions cm 17,8 x 12,7
Pages 208
Language/s Italian
Weight 0.4 kg
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