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The complete guide to drones
Get a head start in the 21st century’s most exciting new technology

Some people think they need a boarding pass to fly. They’re really missing out... 

The only thing growing faster than the drone market is the amount of misinformation about them. Almost overnight popular drones like the instantly reconginsable DJI Phantom have created a billion-dollar industry, with a foothold in everything from movie-making to the toy market.
So take to the skies and become a skilled pilot, whatever your budget, with this complete guide to choosing and flying the right model  for you.
This book shows you everything there is to know about drones/multicopters/UAVs (including what really is the correct term for them) in plain, jargon-free language and hundreds of clear photos and illustrations.
Find out how drones work, how to fly them, how to choose the right model for you, how to take amazing photos and videos from above and more. If you want to build your own drone, you’ll find the whole process laid out for you step-by-step; if you want to fly a ready-made drone straight out of the box, you’ll quickly learn the key techniques of safe, legal and skilled flight.

Adam Juniper has been flying drones and model helicopters for years, and shares those skills or the videos he captures with tens of thousands of viewers  via YouTube and his drone site TameSky.com. He’s also worked as a book publisher and professional video producer (with a book on the subject to his name), and has written for numerous digital creativity magazines.

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Come costruirsi un drone di legno Il Venerdì / La Repubblica PDF 11-03-2016
Un Ufo chiamato Drone The Good Life PDF 18-04-2016
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