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A gothic adventure

God help a poor soul trying to do his duty.

Ana Juan is back and this time deals with a classic novel, in a faithful transposition, where the deep black colours are the protagonists of a story full of suspense: Dracula by Bram Stoker.

The 6th August 1879 at dawn, the quiet town of Whitby is affected by a strange shipwreck. A schooner named Demeter ran aground on the nearby shore. The only crewmember found on-board was the Captain, dead, lashed to the helm and clutching a crucifix and a set of beads in his hands. In his pockets, was found a little roll of paper, probably what was left of the ship logbook, which will hopefully cast some light on the strange events: the logbook of a Captain, unaware of transporting in his ship the remains of Dracula, the undead, in his journey towards the English coasts.

This book goes back to the legend of Dracula, retracing the Evil’s journey and depicting an evil and shifty creature: evanescent spectre, furtive shadow, looming silently and lethally over his unaware companions.

This hard covered edition, printed in one colour, black – with the exception of the cover, as red as blood, and the trail of blood leaved by the ship on the maps that ornate the endpapers – stands out also for the special stocks that enrich the reading experience and the vision with a texture, a physical dimension: the hand lingers as it touches and feels the coarse and matt texture of the 4 pages of tissue paper that open the volume, with a layered reproduction of a dark forest, and of the 4 pages that close it, with the disturbing and demonic image of the Count with his eyes “fixed” on Mina, and the 4 pages of tissue papers interspaced inside the volume, with the reproduction of a newspaper of the period, where the same events are narrated from a different point of view. And while the hand brushes against the pages and their different textures, the reader can feel the strong smell of the ink, that generously covers and soaks the pages of the book, and his eyes get lost, chasing the details that one after the other emerge from the dark night of the intellect. Ana Juan’s black charcoal successfully recreates the nightmare that surrounds the mysterious disappearance of the sailors and enchants the reader in a synesthetic, intellectual and literary experience.

The illustrator and author:
Ana Juan is a Spanish illustrator, writer and painter, born in Valencia in 1961, whose books are published all over the world – Spain, United States, Japan etc. She is well acknowledged for her original, melancholic, romantic and sometimes merciless interpretation of reality and its stories. She is well known for her illustrations published in El País magazine and featured on the covers of the New Yorker magazine and of all Isabel Allende’s novels.
In 2010 she was awarded the National Illustration Prize by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


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