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“So many compliments to Madame Balzac: “What a nice hairstyle Madame Balzac! How soft your hair looks Madame Balzac! What a beautiful colour Madame Balzac!”. But the mirror could not lie and every day revealed to Madame Balzac the real nature of her thick hair.

“There is not so variable a thing in Nature as a Lady’s Head-dress” wrote Joseph Addison in the Spectator. And in this book, Antonio Bonanno takes him at his word. After having entertained and fascinated us with the weird beards and moustache of #Mustacchi, this smart writer and illustrator is back to express all his creativity in #Coiffures, an eccentric gallery of #hair, #wigs and #toupees. Protagonist of weird anecdotes told in the form of historical curiosities, hair turns into birdcages, harp chords, cakes, fishing nets… and even an air balloon! Page after page, you’ll be told the unbelievable stories of a series of characters with spectacular… coiffures. Among them, Mr Fontaine, who once made a vow to the Moon and stopped cutting his hair, to the point that at the age of 101 he still looks like a child. And Mrs Thérèse Lefebvre, with dandelions on her head that flie away on her birthday carried by the spring breeze. Mr Quinon, who wears a real hedgehog as a toupee, or the Girards, plagued by a strange form of baldness and yet parents of a girl with long, rebel hair. These and many other characters are the protagonists of a series of delicate, Victorian-style ink drawings, made with fine, elegant strokes: the perfect union of graphic humour and narrative creativity which opens up an entire world of metamorphosis and mental associations that will make the imagination of each hairdresser fly!

The author and illustrator:
Antonio Bonanno was born in Catania in 1970. In 1988 he earned a certificate in Applied arts and a diploma as master of arts with specialization in Advertising graphics. In 1992 he graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. After drawing cartoons for Catania’s daily newspaper La Sicilia, in 1997 he moved to Rome, where he obtained a diploma in computer DTP. He has worked as art director and advertising graphic for many Italian agencies such as Magma, Bound, Tamtam, StudioP, Mu and for Salani publishing. He has illustrated covers and books for many publishers, among which Édition du Lampion, HongFei Cultures, Marco Tropea editore, Edinova, Edizioni Amici, GG Studio.
His works were exhibited in many galleries, bookstores and shops, such as salone 5e lieu in Paris, Galleria d’arte Spazio Papel and Gogol & Company in Milano, Nardini Bookstore in Florence, Comix Café in Grosseto, Feltrinelli bookstore and TribeArt in Catania, Cibrario in Acqui Terme, Happy Planet Art Gallery in Viareggio. His illustrations were published on #ILLUSTRATI magazine. He taught illustration at the Arte invisibile association in Grosseto and the Scuola d’illustrazione di Scandicci in Florence. As an illustrator, he participated in CartoonVillage in Manciano, Prato Comics&Games and LuccaComics&Games.
He lives in Bergamo, where he works as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Le stanze segrete di monsieur Perronnet, #logosedizioni, 2018 Italy. Texts and illustrations
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Moustaches, Édition du Lampion,  2014, France. Texts and illustrations
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Enascentia: manuale master. Savage World. GG Studio editore, 2014, Italy. Illustrations
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Il pozzo dei misteri, Marco Tropea editore, 2010, Italy. Cover image
Il vampiro vegetariano, Marco Tropea editore, 2009, Italy. Cover image
Fiabe da colorare, Edinova, 1998 and 1999, Italy. Cover and inside illustrations


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