Angus Hyland, Kendra Wilson

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From Goya to Casorati, from Hockney to Degas, a gallery of paintings and illustrations featuring man’s best friends

It is clear that those who impose human qualities on animals find their most willing accomplice in the dog. We make them wear jumpers; we flatten their wolfish qualities against patterned wallpaper; we change their colour. This is how we portray our best friends.

The undying love of a dog is of course requited on these pages. It is clear that there is also a mutual dependence. We need dogs because they help us to open up channels of emotion. In art, as in life, we project our ambitions, triumphs and anxieties on to dogs and they still come back for more.

In all its versions (deerhound, borzoi, saluki), the greyhound adds further elegance to painted scenes already laden with symbols of status and wealth. Even Lucian Freud’s whippets, intertwined with the flesh of humans, raise the tone. For theatrical types, dachshunds are popular: companions to Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, they inevitably found themselves translated on to paper and canvas.

The Book of the Dog explores the alternative to going native: living with humans.

Featuring all kinds of dogs – big, small, graceful, cute, funny – The Book of the Dog is a cool and quirky collection of dog art and illustration by artists around the world. Interspersed through the illustrations are short texts about the artists and different breeds, paying homage to man's best friend.

The Authors
Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a partner at Pentagram Design London. In 2001 he was the co-curator with Roanne Bell of ‘Picture This’, a British Council exhibition featuring the work of London illustrators. His work includes Hand to Eye (2003, with Roanne Bell), The Picture Book (2010, with Steven Bateman), Symbol (2011), The Purple Book (2013), Cani d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016), Gatti d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016), Cavalli d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2018) and Fiori d'autor (#logosedizioni, 2019).

Kendra Wilson is the author of My Garden is a Car Park and Other Design Dilemmas, and co-author of Cani d’autore (#logosedizioni, 2016) and Fiori d'autor (#logosedizioni, 2019). She is a regular contributor to the American mega-blog Gardenista and her printed work appears in publications including the Sunday Times and House & Garden.

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