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Night falls on the city while the moon and the stars shine high in the sky. In Cipollina’s room (Cipollina means Little Onion), the light is still on and her dad is beside her, ready to kiss her goodnight. But, once again, the little girl asks: “C’mon Daddy, tell me a scary story!”. As usual, her dad can’t say no and opens a book titled Shivers in the vegetable garden. And who can the protagonists of these tales be, if not some vegetables which will meet a horrible end? Here come the Olivie (Olives), squeezed up in their can over which hovers the threatening shadow of a toothpick when the happy hour comes; and then Rabarbara (Rhubarb) who is driven to a bitter destiny by her beloved sugar! With her lavish leaves, Latt Uga (Lettuce) feels like a queen and, for sure, she is not suspecting that a big slug is staring at her with appetite! And guess where Cilie Gina (Little Cherry) will end? Of course, on the cake! And who knows how scary Cipollina will be when she will discover her namesake in the book, the protagonist of a daring escape that will end in tragedy!
Taking cue from Gianni Rodari’s children’s novel Le avventure di Cipollino (The adventures of Cipollino) – published for the first time on the magazine he directed, Il Pionierei , in verses and with illustrations by Raul Verdini – Giulia Pintus creates these charming little horror tales, amusing nursery rhymes in octosyllabic verses and fanciful illustrations of vegetables with funny names and anthropomorphic shapes.

The illustrator:
Giulia Pintus is a freelance illustrator and sometimes also a bizarre writer. She lives in Piacenza, but she hopes one day she could live all around the world. She likes using the pencil like children, and loves matching sage green with pink. She works in a studio in dots and stripes called Foglie al Vento (Leaves in the Wind). Her puppy’s name is Senape.
With #logosedizioni she has published: Attilio (2017), Giacinto (2018), Batata (2018), Buonanotte Cipollina (2019), La signorina Peppina (2019), Solletichino (2019) and Signor Singhiozzo (2019).

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Author Giulia Pintus
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