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In a lush garden, two sisters are looking at each other. They might be chatting, they might be questioning each other in silence. One is sitting on the ground holding an open book in her hands, the other is leaning against a pillar, mulling.
These highborn damsels are wearing lavish dresses, decorated respectively with maps and mythical monsters. A compass lying on the ground evokes images of travels and adventures. Three scarlet apples hanging above the head of the standing woman soon catch our eyes, revealing right from the start the ancient roots of the story told in pictures and words—a story about temptation and disobedience. In the following image, the blue starts to conquer the scene, entering from the right and slipping into the white and the light colours of the day. Bluebeard has arrived, a wealthy man with a terrible past: he was married several times, but all his wives had disappeared without a trace. The two sisters get in his golden carriage and ride through the woods with him, until they reach a magnificent castle. This is just the beginning of a dream that will soon turn into a nightmare for the younger sister, Bluebeard’s wife to be. Not long after the wedding, the man leaves for a six-month travel, and when he says goodbye to his wife he gives her the keys of all the rooms in the castle. He tells her she is free to invite her friends over and have fun together, enjoying delicious meals as well as all the comforts of the sumptuous dwelling… There’s only one room she can’t enter, for no reason, or she will be severely punished. The wife promises she won’t open that door, but sometimes curiosity is stronger than any promise, even stronger than fear…
After Messer Gatto (#logosedizioni, 2017), Gabriel Pacheco keeps drawing inspiration from Charles Perrault’s fairy tales, with a new illustrated version of La Barbe bleu. First published in 1697 within the French anthology Histoire ou contes du temps passé, better known as Contes de ma mère l’Oye (Mother Goose Tales), Bluebeard never failed to charm readers through the centuries, inspiring endless reboots in the fields of literature, cinema and visual arts. Letting himself be seduced by this dark tale, Pacheco shows us Bluebeard’s secret by guiding us through lush country landscapes as well as the sumptuous rooms of Bluebeard’s castle. The harmony between inside and outside spaces relies on his palette, dominated by cold colours such as silver grey and various shades of turquoise, which he alternates with gold and warm, earthy colours. The two-dimensional, stylised, characters, as well as all the natural and architectural elements, stand out from the background with a collage effect. This book is full of wonderful and refined details, such as the architectural geometries recalling Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s engravings, and the embroidery of the clothes, inspired by nature and sky maps.
A unique version of this fascinating and mysterious story as interpreted by Gabriel Pacheco.

The illustrator:
Gabriel Pacheco was born in Mexico City in 1973. Author of gorgeously illustrated children books, he graduated in set design at the Escuela Nacional de Teatro del INBA and further studied the human figure at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas. He has been awarded many important international prizes, such as a special mention in the category “New Horizons” at the 2009 Bologna Children’s Book Fair with Hago de voz un cuerpo. This book, included in the prestigious catalogue of the American Institute of Graphic Arts 50 books/50 covers and considered one of the best books for children by the Banco del Libro de Venezuela (2008), was also awarded a “Silver mention” at the Premios Quórum by the Consejo de Diseñadores de México.
He has also been selected – among others – by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (2007 and 2008), Ilustrarte 2007 (Portugal), and the Blue Book Group (Iran).
Since 2016 he is the director of the Illustration School in Sarmede.
He has also published the following titles by #logosedizioni: Il grande viaggio, L'Aggiustacuori, La strega e lo spaventapasseri, Tre desideri, Messer Gatto and Barbablù.

The author:
Chiara Lossani lives and works in Milan. She has been publishing fiction books for children and young people with the best publishers in Italy and abroad for years. Her favourite themes are myth, lives of artists, and, as regards her novels, History. She has received several international awards and recognitions: Vincent van Gogh and the Colors of the Wind (illustrated by Octavia Monaco and published in twelve languages) was included in the White Ravens List 2010 by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek München, received the FNLIJ (Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil) special award in Brazil and was included by the Brazilian government in the PNBE programme for the promotion of reading among children; whereas La nascita delle stagioni. Il mito di Demetra e Persefone (illustrated by Octavia Monaco, translated into six languages) was published in Mexico as a special edition financed by the Ministry of Culture and inspired several theatrical adaptations by Italian and foreign companies: in July 2018 an adaption by the French company Clair-obscur was performed at the Festival d’Avignon with the title Démetér & Perséphone. Among her novels dealing with History, All’ombra della Pagoda d’Oro, published by Rizzoli and republished as a special edition coming with il Corriere della Sera is worth mentioning. With illustrator Gabriel Pacheco, Chiara Lossani has published Icaro nel cuore di Dedalo, winner of the Premio Soligatto 2017 and awarded with an Honorable Mention by IFERS International Writers Awards, and Barbablù, released by #logosedizioni in 2018. Chiara Lossani is the director of two libraries in the province of Milan and the founder of the children’s library La Biblioteca delle Storie Infinite.

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