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A bittersweet story about melancholia, the desire to change and the courage to fly away

Attilio is a fat man, with a long nose and short legs. He works as a balloon seller next to the supermarket, but his dream is to have a circus of his own. Inside each balloon he blows, we find a small piece of his imaginary circus: the square with the supermarket becomes a plaza with a Ferris wheel, where children eat cotton candy clouds and dozens of people stroll through the stalls and Big Tops. Attilio enjoys this show, and would like to join in: the acrobats vaulting with confidence, the funny clown musicians, and a woman gracefully tight roping between two hot-air balloons. But the best has yet to come: soaring high, so high she can touch the stars, a beautiful trapeze artist, round as a full moon, steals his eyes and his heart. Luckily, Attilio has his balloons: he blows the first, then another, and yet another one… how many will he need to reach her? At the end, Attilio will discover in love the lightness he needs to fly away. A silent daydream told exclusively through the soft strokes and light colours of these tender images.
Merging unusual perspectives, surreal dimensions, and several artistic references (from Botero to Dalí, from Mélies to De Gregori), this story invites the readers to follow their dreams and find the courage to change.

The illustrator:
Giulia Pintus is a freelance illustrator and sometimes also a bizarre writer. She lives in Piacenza, but she hopes one day she could live all around the world. She likes using the pencil like children, and loves matching sage green with pink. She works in a studio in dots and stripes called Foglie al Vento (Leaves in the Wind). Her puppy’s name is Senape.
With #logosedizioni she has published: Attilio (2017), Giacinto (2018), Batata (2018), Buonanotte Cipollina (2019), La signorina Peppina (2019), Solletichino (2019) and Signor Singhiozzo (2019).

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Book Info
Author Giulia Pintus
Publication date 2017
Cover softcover with flaps
Dimensions cm 15,0 x 15,0
Pages 50
Language/s Italian
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Title Publication Date
Attilio, il venditore di palloncini che trova l'amore Libertà PDF 26-10-2017
Giulia che sposa uomini e ortaggi ora festeggia S. Valentino La Repubblica PDF 10-02-2018
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