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ALICE UNDER GROUND is a travel journal with notes and sketches on the inhabitants of Wonderland. A bestiary compiled with the gaze of a Victorian naturalist, simultaneously passionate about insects, skeletons, ghosts and photography.
It’s a journey among underground inhabitants seen from a slightly macabre personal perspective, an outsider’s viewpoint, where Alice too becomes an underground dweller, perfectly at home in that reversed world which is supposed to astonish her.

Under ground… because it’s out of sight and out of reach of all our senses.
Under ground… because it’s far away from the light.
Under ground… because that’s where creepy things make their nests.
Under ground… because that’s where the dead go to sleep and turn into bone.
Under ground… because for Lewis Carroll, that’s where Wonderland was. The book’s first manuscript, hand-written for little Alice Liddell, bore the title “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground”.

Also available in Italian and Spanish

The author and illustrator:
Stefano Bessoni
is a director, illustrator, and stop-motion animator. He was born in 1965 in Rome, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1989 he has been making many experimental films, video and theatre installations, and documentary films. In the 1990s he worked for many TV production companies as camera operator, cinematographer, and film editor. He taught film directing at the NUCT (Roma Film Academy) in Cinecittà and at the Griffith Academy in Rome. He also teaches many workshops on illustration and stop-motion animation at schools and festivals in Italy and abroad.

He has won various awards with his most recent films, Canti della forca, which was recognized by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a “film of national cultural interest”, and Krokodyle, Best Fantasy Film at the 6th CINEFANTASY in San Paolo, Brazil,  Best International Film at the PUERTO RICO HORROR FILM FEST 2011, Special Mention at SITGES 2011 - 44° Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya, and a Special Mention also at FANTASPOA 2011.

His books for #logosedizioni are: Alice Under Ground (also available in Italian and Spanish), Gallows Songs (also available in Italian), Homunculus, Mr Punch, Pinocchio, Stop-motion. La fabbrica delle meraviglie, Stop Motion Workshop. First Level (Also available in Italian), Stop Motion Workshop. Second Level (Also available in Italian) Wunderkammer, Oz, Rachel, RebeccaGiona, Theo and Lombroso.

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