Loredana Fulgori, Cecilia Giulia Resio

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You open this book like you would open a gate.

And then, step after step, you meet statues turned into creatures.In the silence emanating from mystery, in the shade of gravestones, trees and leaves, you hear voices of unsaid things, secrets we all keep buried inside us.

Browsing through Aeterna is like going down to the sky, when the sky turns deep. A book which tells us the story of life through the mouth and eyes of bodies which have become celestial. Poetry and passion where, page after page, we all want to precipitate.

Cecilia Giulia Resio lives and works in Paris. She is a French to Italian translator who has contributed to some Italian magazines before devoting herself completely to poetry and  fiction. She also works as a film and theatre screenwriter and is fond of iced coffee slush with cream and of Morgon, the French red wine.

Loredana Fulgori was born in Turin in 1980. After an artistic high school, she attended a Restoration Course at the Academy of Fine Arts and the International School of Comics, also  in Turin. Alongside her work as a restorer and decorator – that has inevitably made her love anything old, dusty and decadent –she devotes herself to her true passion – drawing and painting – with a taste for gothic atmospheres and macabre subjects. No need to say she is fascinated by graveyards…

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Book Info
Illustrator Loredana Fulgori
Author Cecilia Giulia Resio
Publication date 2014
Cover Hardcover
Dimensions cm 17,5 x 25,0
Pages 48
Language/s italian, english
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